Can incrementality measure influencer marketing?

This is an FAQ article addressing influencer marketing measurement


Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Snapchat, TikTok, and others, allowed users around the world to share their creativity and talent with everyone. Calculating incremental sales lift is the best way to measure performance. 

Fame has always been a commodity - and the more famous you were, the more influence you had over consumers.

Some influencers have full representation by managers, agents and publicists, while the most learn to manage their online activity as a business by themselves, or by influencer videos about “how to become an influencer”. 

Some channels are so very specific - that discovery of the right channel and the right VALUE of a channel becomes a huge challenge for advertisers. 

Incrementality testing provides operational insights for optimization. This method uses the changes in marketing activity (i.e. new vendor activity started, a new campaign was launched, a change in creatives, etc…) to continuously provide insights over the value of the change. 

This method works across platforms and can provide valuable insights at the granularity of campaign, demographics, media vendor, and medium.


Incrementality testing has been a holy grail in marketing , but only very few invested the resources required to evaluate it. 

With the current market conditions eliminating identifiable data companies are forced to make the effort of researching incrementality as the best alternative to measurement.

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