How to Enable Data via BigQuery to INCRMNTAL

This article explains how to enable and onboard raw or aggregated data from Google Cloud BigQuery to INCRMNTAL

Integration with BigQuery requires three steps:
  • Create a Service Account for INCRMNTAL
  • Enable BigQuery API 
  • Choose BigQuery Table

Create a Service Account

  1. Sign in to Google Cloud Platform Console
  2. Navigate to IAM & Admin > Service Account
  3. Click “ + Create Service Account”
  4. Name the new service account INCRMNTAL and click “Create

    This will be used in a later stage to grant permission for the relevant data set.

  5. In the 2nd step, set the permission to the service account to “BigQuery Job User” and click “Continue” to finish the Service Account creation process
  6.  Click the   ➕   symbol at the raw and click “Create Key
  7. Choose the JSON format and click “Create
  8. Send the file created to 

Enable BigQuery API

By default, BigQuery API is enabled. But in case you run into difficulties, you may need to enable this feature.

  1. Navigate to APIs & Services on the Google Cloud Console menu
  2. Click “+ Enable APIs and Services
  3. Search for “BigQuery API” > Select and click “Enable


Choose BigQuery Table

  1. Navigate to BigQuery product page, and choose the relevant table you would like to share with INCRMNTAL

Note: This step should be repeated for each table you would like to provide access to INCRMNTAL

   2.  Select the option to “Share Table


   3.  Enable the INCRMNTAL Member you created in the earlier step (Create Service Account). Set the role as “BigQuery Data Viewer”. Click “Add


   4.  Click “Done” 


For any question please contact , or open a support Ticket here