How to integrate with INCRMNTAL?

This article explains how you can use as a data source with INCRMNTAL

Cost and conversion data can be integrated to our dashboard via, based on the metrics you pull from your data source: Those can be directly from a specific channel, MMP, or any other data source you’re working with.

Through this page, you can see all the available ad platforms that can be integrated into

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to export Funnel data to an Amazon S3 bucket, to be integrated into your INCRMNTAL dashboard. 

The S3 bucket, to which the data will be exported, will be provided by INCRMNTAL. Please email us at for one

  1. In, open your Account, select "Data Warehouse" in the left hand side navigation and click the "New export" button to setup a new export.
  2. Choose Amazon S3 as the destination for your export and enter a bucket name, provided by INCRMNTAL. 

    3.  Enter the details of the shared bucket, the path to where you wish to export your           data and a file name template to use when naming the export files.

    4.  Select the fields you wish to export from to S3, by clicking “Choose Fields” on the “Create New Export” tab. The export from can include both costs and conversions, or only one of the two. That depends on the way you choose to integrate your data with INCRMNTAL.

Should you choose to integrate with INCRMNTAL conversions data from, the data export should include:
    1. Date
    2. Channel name (Facebook, Google, etc...)
    3. OS (iOS, Android, Web, etc...)
    4. Campaign ID + Name
    5. Adgroup ID + Name (optional)
    6. Country
    7. Conversions and other KPIs, such as revenue or user engagement. Those will be measured for their incrementality on the INCRMNTAL dashboard.

Should you choose to integrate with INCRMNTAL cost data from, the data should include:

a. Date

b. Channel name

c. OS

d. Campaign ID + Name

e. Adgroup ID + Name

f. Country

g. Ad Spend


Please note: 

  • This step will also let you specify a schedule for when to run your export. 
  • Please set it as a daily export of the data from the last 2 months.

Verifying the Connection

To verify we can pull data from your exported Funnel data, you need to verify your Funnel connection to our bucket.
Once you have saved your configuration you will need to verify the bucket is correct.

When you click the 'Verify...' button shown below, will create a file containing a token and upload it to your INCRMNTAL bucket.

Once you click the “Verify” button, notify INCRMNTAL, and we will send the authentication token to you to paste in the dialog box. 

For more information, you can visit the guide for exporting data to S3

For any question please contact , or open a support Ticket here