What is the INCRMNTAL Integration process ?

The following document describes the process of integration with INCRMNTAL. What is needed from your side, and what is done on our side.

INCRMNTAL is a non disruptive platform. We’ve gone through great lengths to make our platform onboarding experience as easy and lightweight as possible. Normally, there is no need for any tech resources to get involved in onboarding.

We don’t have an SDK, Pixels or Tags and the integration will either utilize existing platforms you're using, or we can work using data files. 

Remember - We do not want to receive any PII data . If you cannot provide aggregated data, please replace any PII data with fake data. Providing user level data is against our terms and conditions.


The following article describes the process of onboarding with INCRMNTAL. What is needed from your side, and what is done on our side. 

Data Frequency: The frequency of the data update should be at least once per day. We can delay the data pull for as much time as you need to make sure that the data is complete. Typical delay is 3 days.

Dimensions Required:

  • Date
  • Your Brand name (App/Website)
  • Platform (iOS, Android, Web, Offline channels)
  • Country
  • Channel
  • Campaign ID/Name
  • Ad Group ID/Name (Optional)

KPIs Required:

  • Ad Spend / Media Costs
  • Conversions
  • 2nd KPI
  • 3rd KPI (depending on your license)
  • Impressions (optional)
  • Clicks (optional)

💡You can find a sample file here.💡

Which KPIs should you pass ?

That's really up to what you want to measure. We recommend passing the KPIs that construct your marketing goals/benchmarks. i.e. if your marketing goal is ROAS - we suggest you pass revenues. If you target a certain cost per action - pass us aggregated data about this action.

Notes for Integrations via BigQuery, Amazon S3, Postgres or any file sharing:
Date Date Formatting: YYYY-MM-DD
App / Website The name of the Brand you are marketing (i.e. App Name, Website name)
Platform Based on your marketing activities breakdown e.g. iOS, Android, Website, Other… or even to a deeper granularity e.g. iOS-InApp, iOS-Web
Channel Channel name (i.e. Facebook / FB, Google / Google Display / DV360, etc…). It is recommended to specify the Channel's platforms (instagram, messenger, etc…). 
Country 2 Letter Code, 3 Letter Code, or Full Country Name supported
Ad Spend (Media Costs) Media costs. If media costs are in a currency that is not USD, please specify currency (our platform supports multi-currency)
Conversions  For Mobile: Installs (Recommended), for Web: Registrations (Recommended) - Cohorted to the date of the conversion
KPI 2 For Mobile: an activity that happens post install , for Web: down funnel event
KPI 3 An event that indicates positive performance. Cohorted (if relevant) to the date of the conversions (see options 1 and 2 for cohorts)
Impressions Optional, Impressions can help identify changes for channels which are not authenticated via API

Information About Cohorts and Data Updates:

INCRMNTAL supports updating any KPI other than media costs. i.e. if you would like to update cohorted revenues, engagements, or include late conversions - you can do so by providing us with Deltas to any KPI that changed, cohorted to the relevant date of the conversion.

When passing the data via a file / BQ integration - please indicate when is the data for the last date updated, so that we time the fetching correctly.

💡You can find a sample file here.💡

Information About File Structure:

If you are unable to provide the data via a single file, you may break the file to multiple files, keeping the data in the same format

How to Onboard the Data ?

We support various ways for you to onboard your data with us:

If you use another platform, please reach out to us - we will find a way! :-)

we have customers using Snowflake, Datorama, Looker, etc...

What Happens Next ?

  • INCRMNTAL will digest and match your costs & conversion data. 
  • We will use our marketing activity detection to dynamically create a “marketing activities log” 
  • You’ll receive your login credentials and can start using the platform!


Marketing Activities Networks Configuration

(Optional, Highly Recommended)

Your marketing activities are the root to the science behind how we can run on-going inrcementality measurements in seconds, without forcing you to do anything (i.e. stopping campaigns, splitting audiences and so on).

The more accurately we track your marketing activities the more incrementality insights we can provide. 

We have built a method allowing us to detect changes automatically, by connecting to your marketing platforms. We pull the platforms activity logs or campaign setup on a daily basis to understand any changes you did to your campaigns.

While this is not mandatory for INCRMNTAL to “work” - it’s highly recommended that you configure the networks you work with.

You will find the Network Configuration in your dashboard, under Configuration > Change Detection

This is a fairly intuitive screen, but in case you want more information, you can use these articles to learn how to configure your networks:

If you’re using a platform that is not on this list, no worries - reach out to us - we’ll add them to the list!

For any question please contact onboarding@incrmntal.com , or open a support Ticket here